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Waveguide Bends

Waveguide Bends from Fairview Microwave include E-Bend and H-Bend types. Fairview Waveguide Bends are available in WR-12, WR-15, WR-19, WR-22, WR-28, WR-42, WR-51, WR-62, WR-75, WR-90, WR-112 and WR-137 waveguide sizes. Our Waveguide Bends have CPR-137G, CPR-90G, UBR120, UBR180, UG-383/U, UG383/U-Mod, UG-385/U, UG-387/U, UG-39/U, UG-419/U, UG-51/U, UG595/U and UG-599/U flange sizes. Waveguide Bends have minimum frequency as low as 5.85 GHz and a maximum frequency as high as 90 GHz depending on model.