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Bias Tees

Bias Tees from Fairview Microwave are broad band components with frequencies that range from as low as 30 KHz to as high as 85 GHZ. Fairview bias tees DC voltage maximum is between 16 Volts and 72 Volts with a maximum current between 250 mA and 3,000 mA depending on model. Our coaxial bias tees are available with RF ports in 1.85mm, 2.92mm, 7/16, Type N and SMA connector series with a female gender, DC port connectors for the bias tees are BNC, pin, Type N and SMA.

Fairview bias tees VSWR maximum range between 1.2 to 2 with a RF to bias isolation max of 25 dB to 50 dB. Our bias tee and other RF components and interconnects are in stock and ship the same day worldwide.