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Bulk RF Cable

Bulk RF cable from Fairview Microwave includes these coax cables: .047AL, .086, .141, HF047, HS MULTIFLEX 86, LMR-195, LMR-200, LMR-200-UF, LMR-240, LMR-240-UF, LMR-400, LMR-400-UF, LMR-600, M17/113-RG316, RG142, RG174, RG214, RG223, RG316, RG316-DS, RG393, RG402, RG405, RG58C/U, RG59B/U, SR402AL and SR405AL. Fairview bulk RF cable can be ordered in 50 Ohm or 75 Ohm and can be purchased with single or double shielding depending on part number. RF bulk cable is available in flexible and semi-rigid flex types with PE, PTFE or PTFE F1 dielectric types.

Fairview Microwave RF cable in bulk may have ALSN, copper, FEP, PE or PVC jacket materials with a solid conductor. These coax cables have a one time minimum bend radius of between .05 to 1.57 depending on RF cable type. Fairview stocks these cables as well as others that are being added often and ships them the same day as ordered.