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RF Amplifiers

RF amplifiers product line from Fairview Microwave consists of broadband, high gain broad band, ultra broad band, high power, medium power, high gain, high frequency, low noise (LNA), high gain low noise, limiting and gain block amps for microwave and millimeter wave applications. Fairview RF amplifiers for broadband applications have both general and high gain versions. RF power amplifiers are available in both medium power and high power amplification levels. Our low noise RF amplifiers / LNA amplifiers have superior noise figure numbers and a variety of models. Gain block amplifiers provide general amplification where noise is not crucial.

Radio frequency amplifiers are generally used to convert lower power and low frequency radio signals into a larger frequency at a higher power. Coaxial amplifiers for RF are typically used in RF, microwave and millimeter wave applications for the transmission power through an antenna or systems of antennas. Fairview Microwave connectorized RF signal amplifiers are in stock and they are shipped the same day as they are ordered.

Most all RF amplifiers from Fairview Microwave are EAR 99