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SMA Male (Plug) Connectors for RF

SMA male (plug) connectors, can be known as SubMiniature version A, ship from the ISO registered Fairview Microwave facility the same business day to domestic or international destinations and are in-stock continually for quick shipping. Our SMA male/plug connectors are available for coax, printed circuit board (PCB) or terminal RF termination types. Expert RF technical support, customer service and knowledgeable sales teams at Fairview Microwave provide the answers to your coaxial, PCB or terminal SMA male / plug connector questions.

Fairview Microwave male / plug SMA connectors at 50 Ohm offer .020 semi-rigid, .034 semi-rigid, .047 semi-rigid, .062 inch end launch, .086 semi-rigid, .100 inch, .141 semi-rigid, .240 inch, .100 inch, .195 inch, .240 inch, B7808A. FM branded interfaces are FM-1/4SFHC, FM-SR086ALTN, FM-SR086CUTN, FM-SR141ALTN, FM-SR141CU, FM-SR141CU-STR, FM-SR141CUTN, FM-SR141CUTN-COIL, FM-SR141TB, FM-SR141TBJ, FM-SR250ALTN, FM-SR250ALTN-STR, FM-SR405FL. Harbour LL142, LL160 and LL335i as well as Times Microwave SMA plug LMR coax types for these connectors include LMR-100, LMR-100A, LMR-100A-FR, LMR-100A-PVC, LMR-100-FR, LMR-195, LMR-195-FR, LMR-200, LMR-200-FR, LMR-200-UF, LMR-240, LMR-240-DB, LMR-240-UF and LMR-400.

The SMA connector with plug gender RG coax cable RF interfaces are RG8X, RG55, RG58, RG141, RG142, RG174, M17/93-RG178, RG178, RG188, RG188-DS, RG196, RG223, RG303, RG316, RG316-DS, RG400, RG401, RG402, RG402 tinned, RG405, RG405 tinned and TFT-5G-402 low PIM flexible blue FEP. Corrugated options for Fairview Microwave male SMA are 1/4" superflexible helical low loss corrugated, SPF-250 low loss corrugated FRPE superflexible fire rated, low loss corrugated super-flexible outdoor rated, SPP-250-LLPL. Other connector interfaces are solder cup, stub, vertical launch interfaces. Our plug to RF coaxial, printed circuit board or terminal connection series includes clamp, clamp/solder, crimp/non-solder contact, crimp/solder, solder, solder (without contact) or solder/solder attachments.

Male/plug SMA 2 hole and 4 hole panel mount flange or bulkhead connectors are available as well as reverse polarity, IP67 and hermetically sealed options on select RF models. 3, 6, 8, 12.4, 18, 22, 23, 26.5 and 27 GHz frequency maximum. Low passive intermodulation (PIM) or precision connectors are used when additional performance is required and Fairview Microwave low PIM series has passive intermodulation (intermod) specifications of -155 or -160. Fairview Microwave SMA male/plug connector specifications, dimensions and CAD drawings datasheet PDF download is located on the product detail pages.

Our 2 hole panel mount flange, 4 hole panel mount flange or bulkhead sub-miniature version a plug connection series is built with beryllium copper, brass, passivated stainless steel, stainless steel or steel body. These high-quality coaxial, printed circuit board or terminal series from Fairview Microwave have plating of gold, gold over nickel, nickel, passivated or tri-metal. Beryllium copper or brass contact material is used for these quality Fairview Microwave 2 hole panel mount flange, 4 hole panel mount flange or bulkhead SMA male parts. Our series is designed with gold, gold over nickel or silver contact plating. Being in business since 1992 and an established radio frequency industry leader, Fairview Microwave should be your first source for RF connectors. Having a large depth and breadth for quality in-stock inventory as well as the expert tech support and customer service needed, consider us for your first choice of where to find and purchase coaxial, PCB and terminal SMA male/plug connectors and all RF/microwave and millimeter wave components.