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Fairview Microwave Releases New Wide-Band SPDT PIN Diode Absorptive Switch


The FMSW2026 offers Exceptional Performance across a Wide Frequency Band ranging from 100 MHz to 67 GHz

Fairview Microwave Releases New Wide-Band SPDT PIN Diode Absorptive Switch

Allen, Texas - Fairview Microwave Inc., a supplier of on-demand microwave and RF components, has released and new SPDT PIN Diode Absorptive Switch that offers exceptional performance across a wide range of frequencies.

The FMSW2026 is a new, ultra broadband single pole double throw (SPDT) PIN diode switch that covers 100 MHz to 67 GHz and is available in a coaxial package. Having such a broad frequency range with low insertion loss, high isolation, and fast switching speed across RF, Microwave, and Millimeter-Wave bands makes this switch ideally suited for a multitude of applications that include military radar, satellite and multi-gigabit communications, surveillance systems, point to point and point to multi-point wireless transmission links and test and measurement applications.

Fairview’s FMSW2026 SPDT PIN diode switch features impressive broadband performance characteristics that include maximum input power handling of 0.5 watts (CW), insertion loss of 6 dB typical, 10.5 dB maximum, and Isolation of 65 dB typical, 40 dB minimum.  The design also displays fast switching speed of 100 nsec maximum.  J1 and J2 ports are terminated in 50 ohms when switched in the isolation (off) state to absorb higher frequency signal reflections.  TTL compatible driver logic circuitry is included for accurate switching control.  The design features an operational temperature range of -30oC to +60oC and uses dual voltage controls of +5Vdc and -5Vdc.  The compact and rugged MIL grade coaxial package design is gold plated and has interface connections that include 1.85 female connectors for mm-wave transmission, solder terminals for DC voltages, and an SMA female connector for TTL logic control.  

“Our FMSW2026 single pole double throw absorptive switch performs across an extremely broad frequency band from 100 MHz to 67 GHz and offers impressive levels of performance in a compact and ruggedly built coaxial package. Designers will find this switch appealing for a multitude of RF, Microwave, and Millimeter-wave applications and can order this switch for same-day shipping from stock,” said Brian McCutcheon, Vice President and General Manager at Fairview Microwave.

Fairview’s new FMSW2026 SPDT PIN diode switch is in-stock and ready to ship now. For more detailed information on the FMSW2026 and Fairview Microwave’s entire line up of SPDT PIN Diode Switches, please visit Fairview Microwave can be contacted at +1-972-649-6678.


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A leading supplier of on-demand RF and microwave products since 1992, Fairview Microwave offers immediate delivery of RF components including attenuators, adapters, coaxial cable assemblies, connectors, terminations and much more. All products are shipped same-day from the company’s ISO 9001:2008 certified production facilities in Allen, Texas.

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