BNC to Reverse Polarity (RP) BNC Adapters RF Coaxial

Fairview Microwave BNC to reverse polarity (RP) BNC adapters RF coaxial ship from our facility same-day. These RF components also referred to as Bayonet Neill–Concelman to reverse polarity Bayonet Neill–Concelman adapter series. BNC to reverse polarity BNC adapter products are regularly in stock. Fairview Microwave expert technical support and sales team are ready to provide answers to your questions about our BNC RP BNC adapter 50 Ohm. BNC to BNC reverse polarity adapter category includes 50 Ohm female or male to 50 Ohm female or male (jack or plug to jack or plug) gender. 4 GHz BNC BNC-RP adapter frequency maximums are available. Fairview Microwave coaxial RPBNC connector to RPBNC connector adapter category is a in-series design.

VSWR for this BNC to reverse polarity (RP) BNC adapter category is 1.2:1 or 1.25:1. The Fairview Microwave website is where to find BNC to RP BNC adapter RF coaxial in-series designs within these 50 Ohm to 50 Ohm variations. BNC BNC adapter datasheet specifications PDF including CAD drawing and dimensions are found on Fairview Microwave product detail pages for download. Fairview Microwave facilities are ISO registered and we have been in business since 1992 providing expertise and industry leading quality RF components like our 50 Ohm BNC to RP BNC coaxial adapter product line.

BNC to reverse polarity BNC adapters for RF coaxial include brass material on interface 1 bodies. BNC adapter connector 1 body plating example for these products is nickel. BNC connector 1 contact plating material of gold is available, contact us for any updated options. Brass is an example of reverse polarity BNC (interface number 2) body material. reverse polarity BNC connector 2 contact plating material example is gold. Choose Fairview Microwave first, not just because of our BNC to reverse polarityBNC adapters being in stock and shipping the same day, but for our vast breadth and depth of RF, microwave and millimeter wave components with the quality and expert support you need.