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WR-62 Twistable Flexible Waveguide in 12 Inch Using UG-419/U Square Cover Flange with a 12.4 GHz to 18 GHz Frequency Range

SKU: SMW62TF005-12

WR-62 Twistable Flexible Waveguide in 12 Inch Using UG-419/U Square Cover Flange with a 12.4 GHz to 18 GHz Frequency Range

SKU: SMW62TF005-12
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Key Specifications
Key Specifications.

WR-62 Twistable Flexible Waveguide in 12 Inch Using UG-419/U Square Cover Flange with a 12.4 GHz to 18 GHz Frequency Range

Fairview Microwave SMW62TF005-12 ships same-day worldwide and is a WR-62 twistable flexible waveguide (also known as waveguide cable). Our constantly in-stock WR-62 twistable brass waveguide cables with silver plating are 12 inches long. WR-62 flexible 12” waveguide SMW62TF005-12 by Fairview Microwave is manufactured with square cover brass flanges. Each square cover end of this WR-62 waveguide cable has a UG-419/U flange designation. These high-quality 12 inch twistable flexible waveguides function up to a maximum frequency of 18 GHz. Fairview Microwave offers expert tech support help on these 12.4 GHz minimum to 18 GHz maximum silver-plated flexible waveguides with UG-419/U square cover brass flanges.

Waveguide components like SMW62TF005-12 WR-62 18 GHz 12 in. cables with high-quality neoprene sleeves, have been provided by Fairview Microwave since 1992 (Sun Moon Electronics originally). Fairview Microwave 12.4 GHz minimum frequency UG-419/U square cover brass flange 12-inch twistable waveguide cables have a one-time maximum offset rotation (or MOR) of 136° degrees/ft and a repeated MOR of 34° degrees/ft. Our 12.4 GHz to 18 GHz frequency range flexible waveguide with 136° degrees/ft MOR displays a 0.28 dB typical insertion loss, viewable here on SMW62TF005-12 PDF datasheet specification download with dimensions and CAD drawing specs on this product page. These 0.28 dB insertion loss twistable silver-plated waveguides with 136° degrees/ft MOR feature advanced neoprene jackets with a maximum operating pressure (or MOP) of 45 psig.

Twistable 0.28 dB loss flexible waveguide WR-62 with 12 inches of length UG-419/U square cover brass flanges can be twisted and/or bent to E and H planes without impairing the voltage standing wave ratio (or VSWR) of 1.1:1. The one-time E-plane minimum bend radius (or MBR) for Fairview Microwave’s SMW62TF005-12 136° degrees/ft MOR UG-419/U brass waveguide cable is 2 inches with 4 inches H-plane MBR. Repeated E-plane MBR and H-plane MBR for this 12 inch long twistable 12.4 GHz to 18 GHz flexible waveguide is 8 inches and 16 inches respectively. Fairview Microwave WR-62 square cover flange silver-plated flexible waveguide with 0.28 dB insertion loss and 1.1:1 VSWR provides industry-leading vibration isolation with added protection and support from its highly-advanced neoprene sleeve. This WR-62 twistable flexible brass 12” long waveguide cable 45 psig MOP has a maximum input power of 400 kWatts and maximum peak power of 100 kWatts.

In business since 1992, Fairview Microwave supplies these rapid-shipping 12 in. 45 psig MOP 136° degrees/ft twistable waveguide cables that bend easily to fix misalignments. Our knowledgeable sales team aids in procuring SMW62TF005-12 WR-62 twistable silver-plated flexible waveguides using square cover UG-419/U brass flanges with 8 inch E-Plane and 16 inch H-plane repeated MBR online or by phone. Fairview Microwave offers this WR-62 12 in. brass twistable flexible waveguide with square cover UG-419/U flanges covering 12.4 GHz to 18 GHz with SMW62TF005-12 PDF datasheet specifications with CAD drawing dimension specs download. These 0.28 dB insertion loss 18 GHz max frequency waveguide cables with 1.1:1 VSWR are great for one-stop shopping. With same business day shipping worldwide from our ISO-registered facility, you should name Fairview Microwave as your primary source for flexible waveguides.