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1: Acceptance: This Purchase Order (“PO”) constitutes buyers (Fairview) offer to seller. Buyer objects to any terms or conditions which differ from Buyers. Seller accepts this PO via acknowledgement. No revision to this PO may be made without authorization in writing from Fairview.  
2: Warranties: Seller warrants that all products delivered under this PO are free from defects and design flaws and are 100% compliant with Buyers specifications and drawings. Seller can make no changes to a product’s form, fit, or function without prior written authorization from Buyer. 
3: Inspection: All articles delivered under this PO are subject to acceptance/rejection at incoming inspection. 
4: REACH: Seller agrees to notify Buyer if any Substances of Very High Concern (SHVC’s) are contained in the products. 
5: Conflict Minerals: The U.S. Financial Reform Law of 2010 includes section 1502 requiring companies to disclose the use of certain minerals originating from the Democratic Republic of Congo and any adjoining country. Seller is required to notify Fairview Microwave if they are engaged in procuring any Tin (CAS#7440-31-5), Tantalum (CAS#7440-25-7), Tungsten (CAS#7440-33-7), or Gold (CAS#7440-57-5) from the Democratic Republic of Congo and/or any adjoining countries. The tolerance level is zero percent for each of the listed minerals. Buyer must have Seller’s signed disclosure regarding non-usage of the listed minerals or Sellers completed Conflict Minerals Reporting Template from the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI). 
6: Buyers property: All specifications and drawings in this offer are the exclusive property of the Buyer and cannot otherwise be used without prior written authorization from the Buyer.  
7: Packing: all delivered products shall be shipped in appropriate packing to withstand the shipment process and arrive in good working order. 
8: Governing Law: This PO will be interpreted & governed with the laws of Texas. Any disputes arising from this Po will be settled in Collin County, Texas. 
9: Counterfeit parts prevention: Seller warrants that no counterfeit materials have been used to fulfill the terms of this PO. 
10: Nonconforming materials: Any nonconforming materials will be returned to Seller.