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SMA Directional Coupler 10 dB Coupled Port From 4 GHz to 12.4 GHz Rated To 50 Watts

SKU: MC0412-10
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Product Documents
Key Specifications
Key Specifications.
Connector SeriesSMA
Connector GenderFemale
Minimum Frequency4 GHz
Maximum Frequency12.4 GHz
Maximum Input Power50 Watt
Coupling Value10 dB

SMA Directional Coupler 10 dB Coupled Port From 4 GHz to 12.4 GHz Rated To 50 Watts

This RF coupler from Fairview Microwave is just part of a wide selection of coaxial coupler products supplied for laboratory test and measurement, defense / military, antenna and other signal related uses. Our radio frequency coupler is directional and built with SMA ports. The Fairview Microwave directional coupler design uses SMA ports that have a gender of female and the impedance is 50 Ohm.

Directional coupler design for part number MC0412-10 from Fairview Microwave is rated for a 4 GHz minimum frequency and a 12.4 GHz maximum frequency. Our directional coupler is designed with a 10 dB coupling value and a 0 dB directivity. This female SMA directional coupler is rated for a 50 watts maximum input power.

Fairview is where to buy a directional coupler with SMA that is rated for a 1.3 maximum VSWR. More female SMA coupler specs for this radio frequency component can be found on its directional coupler PDF specifications datasheet above. MC0412-10 directional 10 dB SMA coupler is part of over a million RF, microwave and millimeter wave components supplied by Fairview and this component can be bought and then shipped worldwide the same-day as with Fairview Microwave's other in-stock RF parts.