Fairview Microwave

High-Performance RF Circulator/Isolators

High-Performance RF Circulator/Isolators
  • Operating frequency ranges up to 42.5GHz
  • Max power rating up to 100 W
  • Available in SMA, N-type, 2.4mm and 2.92mm connectorized designs
  • Broad spectrum of product selection available

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High-Performance RF Circulators/Isolators from Fairview Microwave

Fairview Microwave’s expanded offering of 75 new RF circulators and isolators include models with maximum frequencies up to 42.5 GHz and maximum power ratings up to 100 W. These devices are designed to minimize loss when transmitting input signals from one port to another, by providing excellent VSWR and isolation. Our RF circulators/isolators are offered in SMA, N-type, 2.4mm and 2.92mm connectorized designs. Dual junction and single junction selections are available. These circulators/isolators are ideal for a variety of applications, including 5G telecommunications, automotive radar, satcom, P2P radios, and mil/aero applications. Minimize signal loss and prevent signal interference from damaging sensitive equipment with Fairview Microwave’s new high-quality circulators/isolators. These components are in-stock and ready to ship same day!

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