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Double Ridge Waveguide Components

Double Ridge Waveguide Components
  • Wider operating frequency ranges than regular waveguide components (from 6.5GHz to 40GHz)
  • Waveguide sizes: WRD-180, WRD-650 and WRD-750
  • UG-style square cover flanges
  • Manufactured with precision machining to ensure excellent RF performances

Double Ridge Waveguide Components from Fairview Microwave

Fairview Microwave’s double ridge waveguide components consist of 28 models that include WRD-180, WRD-650 and WRD-750 sizes. Product options include double ridge straight sections, bends and twist configurations as well as a series of double ridge waveguide-to-coax adapters. These transmission line components deliver superior RF performance, cover wider frequency bands and offer lower cut-off frequencies compared to conventional rectangular waveguide WRD-180(18-40GHz), WRD-650 (6.5 to 18 GHz), WRD-750 (7.5 to 18 GHz) sizes. Fairview’s double ridge waveguide components are in-stock and are available for same-day shipping.

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