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Broadband Power Amplifier from 10 MHz to
15 GHz with 600 mW Power and 12 dB Gain

FMAM3037 is a Broadband Bench-top Amplifier operates across an extremely wide frequency band from 0.01 to 15 GHz.  The design utilizes GaAs PHEMT MMIC technology for high efficiency and high linearity.  Typical performance includes 12 dB of small signal gain, +37 dBm output IP3, and +28 dBm of P1dB.  The design exhibits a very flat gain response across the entire frequency band.


Input/output ports are matched for 50 ohms and are AC coupled.  The design also incorporates integrated bias sequencing circuitry and voltage regulators to allow for flexible biasing for both the negative and positive voltage supplies.  The Bench Top package is hermetically sealed with field replaceable SMA connectors and comes with a heat sink.  And this rugged package assembly is designed to meet MIL-STD-883 test conditions for Hermeticity and Temperature Cycle.


This Broadband Low Noise Amplifier Module is part of Fairview Microwave’s expanding line of Amplifier offerings.  These modules offer very wide Frequency Range coverage and outstanding electrical performance in the band.



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Benchtop Wideband Power Amplifier

Extremely Wide Frequency Band

GaAs PHEMT MMIC Technology

Gain 12 dB typ

High Output IP3 +37 dBm

P1dB +28 dBm

Regulated Supply and Bias Sequencing

Hermetically Sealed Module

Integral Heatsink

Mil Spec Compliant

Field Replaceable SMA Connectors

0°C to +85°C Operating Temperature



Electronic Warfare

Electronic Countermeasures

OC192 Fiber Optic

Optical Modulator Driver Applications

Microwave Radio



Space Systems

Test Instrumentation

Telecom Infrastructure


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