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High Gain LNA

High gain LNA amplifiers (A.K.A. high gain low noise amplifiers) from Fairview Microwave are designed for a very low dB noise factor with superior gain amplification. Fairview high gain LNA amplifiers provide large gain figures across the stated frequency range without introducing significant levels of noise to the RF, microwave and millimeter wave signal. Our high gain LNA signal amplifiers obtain impressive low noise specifications across a wide range of temperatures while providing superior gain figures.

Fairview Microwave high gain LNA amplifiers achieve their great technical performance through use of a hybrid MIC design and advanced GaAs PHEMT technologies. Fairview coaxial high gain LNA amps include voltage regulation built-in as well as bias sequencing and reverse bias protection. Those LNA amplifiers features provide addition reliability and make our high gain low noise amplification line unconditionally stable.

The high gain LNA amplifiers from Fairview Microwave are most all EAR99