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4 Way Power Divider 4.1/9.5 Mini DIN Connectors To 2.7 GHz Rated at 30 Watts

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Product Documents
Key Specifications
Key Specifications.
Connector Series In4.1/9.5 Mini DIN
Connector Gender InFemale
Minimum Frequency698 MHz
Maximum Frequency2.7 GHz
Number of Output Ports4 Port
Impedance50 Ohm
Maximum Input Power30 Watt
Connector Series Out4.1/9.5 Mini DIN
Connector Gender OutFemale

4 Way Power Divider 4.1/9.5 Mini DIN Connectors To 2.7 GHz Rated at 30 Watts

RF power divider part number FMDV1037 is only one product of a wide selection of coax splitter components we supply. This Fairview Microwave power divider / splitter design is a 4 way with 4.1/9.5 Mini DIN connectors. Our 4 way RF power divider is rated for a minimum frequency of 698 MHz and a maximum frequency of 2.7 GHz.

Our part number FMDV1037 4 way 4.1/9.5 Mini DIN power divider / radio frequency splitter has a 50 Ohm impedance and a maximum input power of 30 Watts. Our RF 4.1/9.5 Mini DIN power splitter / divider has a female input and 4 female output ports. This 4 way RF power splitter/divider with 4.1/9.5 Mini DIN ports is a standard design. More coaxial 4.1/9.5 Mini DIN standard power divider design specs for this radio frequency component can be found on its RF power splitter PDF specifications datasheet above.

Fairview is where to buy a 4 way power divider with 4.1/9.5 Mini DIN connectors that is a standard design. We also stock a large selection of other RF/microwave power divider products that will ship the same day from our location. RF / microwave and millimeter wave power divider / splitter products and other RF parts for radio frequency component connections such as transmitter/receiver equipment, antennas and others in typical use, production, test and measurement labs, military / defense, etc. are in stock and ship same-day from our warehouse inventory.