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30 dB WR-51 Waveguide Broadwall Coupler with Square Cover Flange and E-Plane Coupled Port from 15 GHz to 22 GHz in Copper Alloy

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Product Documents
Key Specifications
Key Specifications.
Waveguide SizeWR-51
Coupler TypeBroadwall
Coupling Level30 dB
Flange SizeNone
Insertion Loss, Typical0.15 dB
Minimum Frequency15 GHz
Maximum Frequency22 GHz

30 dB WR-51 Waveguide Broadwall Coupler with Square Cover Flange and E-Plane Coupled Port from 15 GHz to 22 GHz in Copper Alloy

Fairview Microwave WR-51 waveguide coupler has a nominal coupling level of 30 dB and is in stock for same-day shipment worldwide. This 30 dB waveguide FMWCP1010 of the directional broadwall 3 port coupler design is always in-stock for purchase online or from our knowledgeable sales staff by phone. High-quality WR-51 waveguide broadwall couplers from Fairview Microwave are equipped with copper alloy square cover silver-plated flanges. Our WR-51 waveguide 3 port coupler with square cover E-Plane flanges operates up to a maximum frequency of 22 GHz. Fairview Microwave FMWCP1010 precision microwave coupler at 30dB typical coupling value is manufactured with a copper alloy body providing industry-leading electrical performance.

These directional broadwall 3 port waveguide couplers that operate from 15 GHz to 22 GHz are bi-directional components that are used in various applications like radar, test benches, satellites, and more. Fairview Microwave’s expert technical support is available on this FMWCP1010 30 dB copper alloy coupler with E-Plane coupled ports as well as on over 1,000,000 other products. Our 15 GHz min WR-51 coupler FMWCP1010 is one of over 220 waveguide couplers always available from Fairview Microwave. The FMWCP1010 datasheet for this Fairview Microwave WR-51 30dB square cover flanged waveguide coupler is available in PDF format with CAD drawing, dimensions and specifications which can be found above for download

FMWCP1010 directional broadwall couplers are always in stock for immediate shipping from our ISO 9001:2008 certified facility. Our high-quality 3 port silver-plated broadwall couplers have a typical insertion loss of 0.15 dB. Fairview Microwave’s 0.15 dB insertion loss WR-51 copper alloy waveguide directional broadwall couplers have a typical main line voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) of 1.05:1. Our 15 GHz to 22 GHz frequency range WR-51 waveguide couplers have a typical directivity value of 35 dB. Fairview Microwave WR-51 copper alloy waveguide broadwall coupler FMWCP1010 is 12 inches long by 2.776 inches high and weighs 1.5467 lbs.

Originally Sun Moon Electronics, Fairview Microwave has supplied state-of-the-art RF components like these 30 dB nominal coupling value broadwall waveguide couplers with square cover silver-plated flanges since 1992. This 12 inch long copper alloy WR-51 waveguide is just one component of a large family of over 220 couplers that Fairview Microwave offers with simple purchasing, immediate shipping worldwide, and expert tech support always on hand. The Fairview Microwave website is where you can find our WR-51 30dB square cover flanged waveguide coupler as well as other waveguide components, purchase online or contact our knowledgeable sales team now for further details.